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  1. This is the ability to psychically manipulate nerves, neural tissue and nervous systems. One with this ability could psychically amplify or suppress sensory capacity, at will. In addition, one could psychically alter the content of sensory input, at will. In addition, one can psychically amplify and suppress motor capacity, at will. Furthermore, one can psychically assume control over .
  2. AI Robotic Devices for body navigation In creating better tools for the physician, we help provide a better life for the patient. – JOSH SHACHAR Co-Founder and CIO OPTICAL CATHETER Delivering intelligent real-time biometric feedback with enhanced signal resolution and sensor-point data processing SmartBrain Retractor Providing enhanced early-warning detection of .
  3. The Book. This essential resource is especially useful for physical therapists, chiropractors, orthopedists, and massage therapists looking for new ways to treat underlying causes of pain.
  4. Jul 19,  · Neurokinesis think it's a relatively new technique that slowly catching on. It is being taught be "coaches" rather than therapists and that concerns me. However from what I've read it can be very effective, similar to emdr and brain spotting. The coaches go through a month or so of training and.
  5. Cranial kinesis is the term for significant movement of skull bones relative to each other in addition to movement at the joint between the upper and lower jaw. It is usually taken to mean relative movement between the upper jaw and the braincase. Most vertebrates have some form of kinetic skull. Cranial kinesis, or lack thereof, is usually linked to feeding.
  6. Neurogenesis is the process by which nervous system cells, the neurons, are produced by neural stem cells (NSCs). It occurs in all species of animals except the porifera (sponges) and placozoans. Types of NSCs include neuroepithelial cells (NECs), radial glial cells (RGCs), basal progenitors (BPs), intermediate neuronal precursors (INPs), subventricular zone astrocytes, .
  7. What is NeuroKinetic Therapy™ (NKT)? NeuroKinetic Therapy™ is a powerful healing methodology that can be used both as an assessment tool and as a rehabilitative technique. It gets to the root of chronic and acute muscular tightness and pain, relieving it through working with the motor control center (MCC) of the brain itself in the cerebellum.
  8. Jul 24,  · NeuroKinetic Therapy is a sophisticated form of manual therapy that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing. The science of motor control theory states that the motor control center in the cerebellum stores all the coordination patterns of the body.
  9. Neurokinesis Nervous System Manipulation Synapse Manipulation Capabilities. The user has complete control over the nerves and nervous system of oneself and others, allowing them to freely alter and manipulate them. At the most basic level, the nervous system coordinates the voluntary and involuntary actions of the animal and transmits signals.

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